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Package 3 - "Boost" method

  • Locate the exact strategy for your business.

  • Characterize together the audience most relevant to you!

  • Putting together the whole puzzle with you, (assets, campaigns, ongoing Gantt management and more) until the move that will give us the perfect "boost" is assembled! 

  • The business owner/representative is taught and trained to work and control the entire set of moves and assets of the annual campaign/Gantt, upon completion of the process.

  • Receiving a complete training booklet written on the basis of your business, for proper guidance later and to preserve the processes.

  • Assistance at different levels of accompaniment with variable availability of up to 48 hours, free of charge from the moment the agreement ends for a year.

** The program is up to three months!

** Guaranteed results along with recommendations from satisfied customers!

Package 2 - Campaign management

  • Locate the exact strategy for your business.

  • Characterize together the audience most relevant to you!

  • Creating a complete marketing plan that matches the campaign's goals.

  • Creating precise audiences in accordance with the campaign goals.

  • Building a system to capture leads organically.

  • Establishing a social media presence if necessary

  • Taking photos/videos professionally and in accordance with the campaign.

  • Full copywriting / prepared texts from the client.

  • 3 rounds of corrections.

  • Domain for 12 months + server and security.

  • Teaches and trains the business owner/representative to work and control the entire campaign's moves and assets.

Package 1 - landing page/ website

  • Lead collection form

  • Up to 20 images from databases

  • Embedding texts from the client on the page / option for full or partial copies.

  • 2-3 rounds of corrections

  • Domain and storage for 12/24 months 

  • Basic content writing

  • Fully compatible with mobile

  • Maintaining a customer journey

  • Adjusting SEO and organic promotion in Google 

  • Connection to social networks + business navigation      + dial buttons

  • Connection to a management application

 **  Option to refresh graphics/ create from scratch

 ** Option to create a promotional video

 ** אפשרות ליצירת מייל עיסקי + נוכחות      _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_      network in media.

Mark the desired program and we will get back to you with the perfect boost !
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