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It's time to detail,

​ With the help of the "Boost" method, a method we developed for promoting small and medium-sized businesses and after thinking and consulting - with many key people in the field of marketing, consulting, advertising

and in addition from business owners in a wide variety of fields.


The duration of the program is up to three months, and according to these stages:

  1. Locate the exact strategy for your business.

  2. Characterize together the audience most relevant to you!

  3. Putting together the whole puzzle with you, until assembling the move that will give us the perfect "boost"! 

  4. The business owner/representative is taught and trained to work and control the whole of the moves and assets of the annual campaign/gant.

  5. Assistance at different levels of accompaniment with variable availability of up to 48 hours, free of charge from the moment the contract ends for a year.

**It is important to note again that the activation of this marketing program for the business is for a predetermined period of time.

Not as a permanent marketing body such as an advertising agency.


Setting up a landing page/business page/full website.

  • Finding the most suitable content and arranging it.

  • Current and relevant design.

  • Maintaining UI/UX.

  • Clearing/booking option depending on the business.

  • Security and match domain matching.

  • Connection to all existing media and assets.

  • business Instagram page,

  • Sponsored ads (organic and sponsored),

  • story promotion,

  • Collaborations

  • If necessary, even adding a presenter to physical products.


  • Google ADwords ads,

  • competitor monitoring,

  • SEO improving exposure modes (words and search tools)

  • And also, organic and sponsored promotion.


  • Facebook promotion,

  • Construction if necessary

  • Promotion of the Facebook page - by organic and sponsored promotion. - (external amount of money to be determined in advance).


  • Establishing a channel/refreshing if necessary.

  • The arrangement of the channel according to the product portfolio.

  • Creating a strategy to capture viewers

  • Sponsored campaigns (production of a full advertisement/"teaser").

  • Full training on the types of content and the most correct ways of uploading in order to reach the exact audience and target.


  • Ordered and respectable official newsletter / light / sales (in accordance with the requirements of the business plan)

  • Building an array to flood it with business emails/whatsapps).

  • Connecting the network of employees in the company to a business email that is customized for the business itself.

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